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Michael Carroll interviewed on KTRC for Contemporary Terrain

Michael gave a great interview last week to the very talented
Kathryn Davis.  Kathryn is the host of Art Beat, a long-running
fine arts radio program that covers the Santa Fe scene in-depth.  
Michael and Kathryn dug into the guts of port-lanscape, and
Western painting, Turner Carroll's interest in the authenticity of 
place, digital terrain, and the changing nature of places over time, 
such as how a spot in Belgium cn be the scene of a battle and later 
the site of a Google server farm.  The interview is about 20 minutes,
and is available here.
16 November 2012

Inez Storer at the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts

Over thirty years ago, Linda Lee Alter decided to collect art by women, 
building an extraordinarily diverse and powerful collection that includes 
some of the most influential female artists of the past 50 years.  In
celebration of these outstanding artists and their accomplishments, Alter recently gave her collection of close to 500 works to PAFA, allowing the public to see these remarkable works for the first time. Visit PAFA this fall and explore over 160 objects and their creators from the Linda Lee Alter Collection of Art by Women. By virtue of being in the collection of Linda Lee Alter, Inez will be presented in the exhibition The Female Gaze: Women Artists Making their World, on view November 17, 2012 - April 7, 2013.
A link to the exhibition is here. 18 October 2012

Georges Mazilu in Santa Fe for his Solo Exhibition

We had a great exhibition for Georges Mazilu here in the gallery.
The show was made all the better by Georges travelling from 
France to Santa Fe to see old friends, and meet new collectors.  
And though we have shown Georges' work for nearly twenty years, 
there is always something we learn or a new bit we take away after
an in-person visit from Georges.  Jusqu'à ce que la prochaine fois!
17 October 2012

Jenny Honnert Abell selected for the Art in Embassies Program

Jenny Abell received a great recognition recently, being selected for 
the Art in Embassies program for the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, Senegal.  
In addition to purchasing 10 of Jenny's pieces for the Embassy, the
State Department is sending Jenny to Senegal in December 2012 on 
a cultural experience program.  All this culminates in an exhibition in 
2013 in Dakar with the fabulous Nick Cave of Soundsuits fame.

16 October 2012

Greg Murr interview in New American Paintings Blog

There is a great interview with Greg Murr in the New American
Paintings Blog, on the back of his being included in the recent
NAP issue #101.  Greg goes in depth and wanders around his
particular vocabulary explaining what it is that he's up to.  An
illustrative quote that we really liked is Greg is "...not interested 
in who we are as much as how and what we are..."  In the
context of Greg's recent political work, this is a great to key
to decoding his enigmatic constructions.

A link to the article is here.
14 October 2012

Wanxin Zhang at the Berkeley Art Center

From September through November 18, 2012 Wanxin Zhang is in an exhibition titled 
"Local Treasures: Bay Area Ceramics" at the Berkeley Art Center in Berkeley, California.  
This bi-annual exhibition, begun in 2010, features artists who have had a significant impact 
in the artistic fabric of this community. Co-curated by Berkeley Art Center Director Suzanne 
Tan and Richard Whittaker publisher of works & conversations, the focus of this year's 
exhibition is on Bay Area ceramics and includes the work of Clayton Bailey, Viola Frey, 
Ted Fullwood, Jon Gariepy, Mary Law, Annabeth Rosen, Nancy Selvin, Richard Shaw, 
Sandy Simon, John Toki, and Wanxin Zhang. An array of masterful and mysterious 
works in clay, the exhibition presents a compelling individualistic and authentic approach 
to the medium as expressed in the work of these accomplished artists.

A link to the exhibition is here.

26 September 2012

David Linn at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

David Linn is curated in to the 2012 Contemporary Realism Biennial 
at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Nearly 10,000 artists submitted 
to be a part of this prestigious show, with only 77 selected.  The 
show itself "highlights the strength and innovation of America’s 
current trends in realism. America has enjoyed a long, rich history 
of Realist art from Colonial times to the present. We are proud to 
expand the discourse on this enduring tradition in presenting the 
2012 installment of this dynamic contemporary exhibition."  
The exhibition runs through October 28, 2012.

A link to the 2012 Contemporary Realism Biennial is here.
17 September 2012

Hung Liu at the Ernst Barlach Museum in Hamburg

From June through September 2012 Hung Liu is in an exhibition titled 
"Based in China: Contemporary Art and Tradition" at the Ernst Barlach 
Museum in Hamburg, Germany.  As the name suggests, the show explores
how Chinese contemporary art is inextricably linked to the past in ways
different from artistic practice in the West.  The exhibition includes work by
Chinese artistic luminaries Rong Rong, Zhang Huan, and Yin Xiuzhen.

A link to the web site is here.

27 August 2012

Shawn Smith at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

More good things are happening for Shawn Smith.  He was just curated into 
an fabulous show at the Smithsonian American Art Museum called "40 Under 40."
The exhibition investigates evolving notions of craft within traditional media such 
as ceramics and metalwork, as well as in fields as varied as sculpture, industrial 
design, installation art, fashion design, sustainable manufacturing, and mathematics. 
The range of disciplines represented illustrates new avenues for the handmade in 
contemporary culture.  In addition Shawn was just included in a new book identifying 
the best new artists coming out of Texas by June Mattingly.

A link to the ebook is here.  A link to the exhibition at the Smithsonian is here.
17 August 2012

Fabulous Wolf Kahn resale 

Here at the gallery we just acquired a fabulous Wolf Kahn 
for resale.  This work, "In Isolation," is coming out of a private 
collection for the first time since it was purchased in 1991.
He is one of the best known student of Hans Hofmann, and
is regarded as America's finest landscape painter.  His work
appears as a synthesis of abstract and representational painting
over which is cast a shadow of Mark Rothko.  Wolf's work is
represented in The Metropolitam Museum of Art, the Whitney 
Museum of American Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, 
and the Los Angeles County Museum of art, among others.  
Please contact us at info@turnercarrollgallery.com if you are 
interested in this painting.  We are more than happy to assist.

25 July 2012

Heroes exhibition and Construct reviews

We've gotten some very good write ups lately.  Kate Petley and Rusty Scruby's
current exhibition Construct was written up by Leanne Goebel in Colorado Creates.
Also, we eceived a great review of the Hung Liu, Deborah Oropallo and Squeak 
Carnwath show Heroes in Art Ltd.  It's a great issue of a great magazine, and has 
lots of coverage of Santa Fe and Albuquerque in the July/August issue.

A copy of the Art Ltd. review may be downloaded here.
12 July 2012

Construct: Rusty Scruby and Kate Petley on the front cover 
of the 15 June 2012 Santa Fe New Mexican: Pasatiempo

We open a fabulous show tonight, Construct.  Featuring Kate
Petley and Rusty Scruby, this exhibition examines two dynamic 
and unique artists working with complex and immersive two- 
and three-dimensional visual planes.  Both artists rearrange 
the obvious to create intra-artwork relationships.  In a way 
their artwork collaborates with itself through the practice of 
layering. To stand infront of Kate’s and Rusty’s work is like looking through a bug’s eye and simultaneously seeing forever.
15 June 2012

Shawn Smith in Wired Magazine

Newly minted Turner Carroll artist Shawn Smith has an article and 
video interview on his artwork and artictic practice in Wired Magazine.  
Shawn's current body of work he calls Re-things.  They are an attempt 
to examine natural objects through the lens of data and reconstruction.

You can see the article and video here.
5 June 2012

Greg Murr and Shawn Smith now at Turner Carroll Gallery

We are very pleased to say that we are representing two new artists,
Greg Murr and Shawn Smith.  Greg is an artist we know well, having 
shown his work in the 1990s before he moved to Germany.  His work 
is in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the 
Progressive Collection, among others.  Shawn Smith came to us via
collectors in Dallas.  His work is sculptural with a with an aesthetic 
built on the digital idea of a pixel but rendered in wood.  His most 
recent work is focused on how we experience nature through technology.

For Murr, the arc of nature runs deep within his practice.  A fascination 
with the way the observable world exists outside our everyday awareness
guides his work.  Since 2008, Murr's work has featured dogs with their
noses to the ground, relying upon instincts to guide them, loose among 
a world of tangled pearls or fashion’s latest high-heels.

16 May 2012

Wanxin Zhang at the Richmond Art Center

"Wanxin Zhang: A Ten Year Survey" will be showing at the 
Richmond Art Center from April 3 to June 2, 2012. This exhibition 
has been on the road for the past two and a half years, traveling 
to a total of six venues in six states. It's finally back in California.
The show was curated by Peter Held, Curator of Ceramics at the
Arizona State University Art Museum Ceramics Research Center.
Wanxin is represented in the permanent collection opf the ASU Museum, 
which is widely regarded as the finest ceramic collection in the country.
3 April 2012

Igor Melnikov enters the collection of ENMU

Kudos to Igor Melnikov for entering the collection of Eastern New Mexico 
University.  His piece "Clear Space" was installed in their brilliant new art 
building.  Funding for the acquisition was provided by the Art in Public
Places program of the incredibly far-sighted Department of Cultural 
Affairs office of New Mexico Arts.

2 April 2012

Hung Liu at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna

We just returned from a fabulous visit to Vienna.  Visits to the MUMOK,
Kunsthistoriches Museum, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, the Leopold 
Museum and the Upper Belvedere were capped by the opening for the 
exhibition GOLD.  This comprehensive examination of the use of gold 
in artwork from Tiepolo to contemporary time featured a work by Hung Liu.
Both the preview and the opening were packed with patrons filling the
rooms of the former palace; rooms that were by themselves awash in gold.
The exhibition runs through June 2012.
20 March 2012

Deborah Oropallo in D Magazine

Turner Carroll Gallery friend and uber-designer, Carson See, is written 
about in the January 2012 D Magazine along with the work of Deborah 
Oropallo.  Carson's new line of furniture 1818, is featured at the David 
Sutherland Showroom in Dallas.  Perfectly paired with the work of Deborah, 
the conjunction of male and female sensibilities in Carson's 1818 line works 
brilliantly.  A copy of the article may be downloaded here.

7 January 2012

Hung Liu at the International Conference on Chinese Women 
and Visual Representation

In a first of its kind conference in Shanghai in December, Hung Liu 
not only designed the poster, but was a speaker.  The conference itself
focused on work by women in many fields, and on feminist art.  It was 
also the first time gay and lesbian groups were invited to the conference.  
Hung reports that the women artists, filmmakers, academics and others 
she met were incredible, making breathtaking work.  In Hung's words, 
"There is hope!"  All the best in 2012!
2 January 2012

SCOPE Miami 2011 Wrap Up

Wow.  We had an absolutely stellar fair this year at Scope Miami.  
Many works by Hung Liu, Eric Zener, Rusty Scruby, Kate Petley and
Jenny Abell found collections, including two institutional collections.  
The atmosphere was electric at Scope this year with thousands of 
attendees and loads of press.  The link to a blog mentioning us 
is here.  Thanks, Miami!

7 December 2011

Wanxin Zhang article in Ceramics: Art and Perception

Julie Beal writes a great and interesting review of Wanxin's work in the 
context of his solo Ten-Year Survey at the Bellevue Arts Museum.
Julie digs deep in Wanxin's Chinese-American-ness, connecting work
by great American sculptors like Robert Arneson with the Qin terra-
cotta warriors.  Eloquent discourse on  the contrapuntal forces in 
Wanxin's work--individual figures in the context of a collective--
make this article a great read.  Kudos!  A link to the article is here.
9 November 2011

Big Success at Inaugural Texas Contemporary Art Fair in Houston

If you weren't in Houston 20 to 23 October, you missed a great art fair.
In four days at the George R. Brown Covention Center 10,000 people 
attended the fair.  There were 55 dealers from across the U.S., with the 
greatest concentration from Texas and the coasts.  We were the only
Santa Fe gallery, and were able to serve our Houston and new collectors
with great sales and service at the fair.  We received a great write-up
in Ellen Berkovitch's great publication, Adobe Airstream.  The link to 
the article is here.  Thanks, Houston!

30 October 2011

Andrew Romanoff review in ARTnews

Andrew Romanoff received a great review of his exhibition 
at Turner Carroll in the Summer 2011 ARTnews.  Feel free 
to click the image on the left to see some of the work in 
the exhibition.  A link to the article is here.
15 September 2011

Brilliant New Article on Hung Liu in Smithsonian American Art Magazine

In an 27-page article right after a piece on Donald Judd, Smithsonian American 
Art Museum Senior Curator Joann Moser does a superb job delivering us all 
sorts of fascinating stories during a conversation with Hung Liu.  The Smithsonian
will host a touring retrospective of Hung Liu's work that originates at the Oakland
Museum of California in 2013.  In preparation for this major exhibition, Turner 
Carroll will host a large show of Hung's newest Chinese Ballet series works, along 
with a comprehensive contextual body of her oil painting from the last ten years.  
This show opens with us in Santa Fe on 5 August 2011, and runs for four weeks.

25 July 2011

Drew Tal enters the collection of the New Britain Museum of American Art

Kudos to Drew Tal!  His "Porcelain Promises" was acquired for the museum's 
permanent photography collection. The NBM is one of the nation’s most dynamic 
art museums which exhibits its permanent collection and special exhibitions on 
widely diverse subjects in ways that combine the highest aesthetic standards 
with engaging and intellectually accessible presentations. Tal's "Porcelain Promises" 
is inspired by the tradition of ancestral paintings, a Chinese commemorative 
tradition in which wealthy families depict their ancestors in fine paintings. This 
particular pair of portraits symbolizes the fragility of relationships between lovers, 
generations, cultures and nations.  Drew Tal's work is included in private collections 
around the world as well as in the permanent collection of the Norton Museum in 
West Palm Beach, Florida.
15 June 2011

Inez Storer collected by the de Young Museum in San Francisco

Kudos to Turner Carroll Gallery artist Inez Storer.  Her painting
Seven Days to make the World (How Many Days to Destroy the World?)
was just acquired by the de Young Museum in San Francisco.  One of
the top museums of American art in the country, the de Young boasts
one of the finest survey collections of American paintings in the United 
States. Strengthened by the acquisition of the Rockefeller Collection of 
American Art, the de Young's holdings include more than 1000 paintings 
ranging from 1670 to the present day.

22 April 2011

Dallas Art Fair

We just wrapped up a very successful Dallas Art Fair at the F.I.G. here in Dallas.
Major works by Deborah Oropallo, Hung Liu, Rex Ray and Gino Miles found new
homes.  Most of these collections are important ones, and we are very pleased
by the results.  We look forward to more opportunities here in the future!
10 April 2011

Hung Liu at Turner Carroll Gallery Project Space in Dallas

We had a fabulous opening at our space at the Hotel ZaZa for Hung Liu.  
The show is an exploration of the influences on and work by Hung Liu.  
In this exhibition, part of our kick-off for the Dallas Art Fair, we had 
a range of media Hung has used over the years of her amazing career.  
Forms include tapestry, video, oil on canvas, resin panels and work 
on paper.  The show here in Dallas runs through 6 May.

6 April 2011

Hung Liu

We are very proud to announce that Hung Liu is the 2011 winner of the SGC International 2011
Award for Lifetime Achievement in Printmaking
. This award includes an invitation to give a
public address to the membership of SGCI at the 2011 International Conference, "Equilibrium,"
to be held at Washington University in St. Louis, March 16-19, 2011. The Lifetime Achievement
Award is given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the professional
development of printmaking as a fine art. Recent winners of the Lifetime Achievement in Print- making award include Chuck Close (2004), William Wiley (2005), Warrington Colescott (2006),
Xu Bing (2007), Kerry James Marshall (2008), Leonard Lehrer (2009), and Judy Pfaff (2010).
4 March 2011

Squeak Carnwath

This spring is a busy one for Squeak Carnwath.  She just gave a talk at the wonderful 
Oakland Museum of California, the site of the monumental 2009 Squeak Carnwath 
30-year survey exhibition.  From February through April 2011 Squeak's prints from 
Island Press in St. Louis are in an exhibition at the Mildred Lane Kemper Museum 
in St. Louis.  And from March through May 2011 Squeak has a solo exhibition at the 
Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California, and is in a show at the Kala Institute 
in Berkeley, California.  Also in March this year is an exhibition of American printmaking 
at the Shanghai Art Museum in China that includes Squeak's work.  Finally, from March 
through July 2011 The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama exhibition travels 
to the San Antonio Museum of Art for the last show in a five year tour.

23 February 2011

Andrew Romanoff

Turner Carroll Gallery is proud to announce internationally acclaimed artist 
and author, Andrew Romanoff’s inaugural exhibition at the gallery.  The opening 
for this show will coincide with ARTFeast’s Edible Art Tour and a curated 
Children’s Art Show at Turner Carroll Gallery.  Fifty of Romanoff’s unique 
Shrinky Dink works will be featured in this show, along with a book signing 
of Romanoff’s autobiography The Boy Who Would Be Tsar.  The grandnephew 
of Russia’s last reigning Emperor, Tsar Nicholas II, Romanoff is said to be 
the last living descendant of this royal lineage. 
20 February 2011

Turner Carroll Gallery at Art Miami 2010

Best fair ever!  Miami and visitors really turned out for the fairs this year.
Art Miami was exceptionally strong, with truly interesting and compelling work
from primarily mid-career and blue chip artists.  Sculpture by Gino Miles was 
the big story in our booth, with six major pieces finding homes in New York, 
Massachusetts, California, Washington state, and Venezuela.  We also placed 
major pieces by Hung Liu and Ashley Collins.  Works by Rex Ray and Conrad 
Kern also found homes.

10 December 2010

Hung Liu at the Belvedere Palace Museum in Vienna

A painting by Hung Liu from our inventory was curated into a truly remarkable 
exhibition at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna.  Curated by art historian 
Thomas Zaunschirm, Gold explores the concept and use of gold in art history.
According to the curator from the boom years after 1900, "gold has achieved
new importance in contemporary art that has been overlooked so far."  Artists
in this extraordinary exhibition include Gustav Klimt (whose "The Kiss" hangs 
permanently in the museum), Caspar David Friedrich, Giandomenico Tiepolo, 
William Blake, Joseph Beuys, Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, Georg Baselitz, 
Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, and a host of other 
art world luminaries.  The show opens in Vienna in March 2012.
12 November 2010

Turner Carroll Gallery write up in Art Ltd. magazine

We received a great write-up in Art Ltd. in the November/December issue. 
The article previews the Miami fairs in December.  We will be at Art Miami
in Wynwood with a stellar collection of emerging and mid-career artists.
Reproduced in the article (see link to the right) is a beautiful work by Hung Liu
that we will show in our booth.  Check us out in C19 if you get to Miami.

1 November 2010

Don and Era Farnsworth and Squeak Carnwath at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm

Don and Era and Squeak all have work in an incredible exhibition called The Missing Peace 
at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm.  The show has toured European museums, and even 
created some controversy when Chinese officials allegedly forced the cancellation of the 
exhibition at a Romanian museum. The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama 
is a multi-media art exhibition that brings together 88 respected artists representing 30 
countries. With the full life of the Dalai Lama as inspiration, the intention for this project 
is to shift the world's attention towards peace. http://gallery.tmpp.org/gallery/en/index.jsp
18 October 2010

Rex Ray at the Strand Hotel in New York

Rex Ray and the Strand Hotel in New York City recently unveiled 
a stunning new commission.  The hotel is a chic, luxury hotel in
Manhattan's Midtown Fashion District by hotelier Tom Glassie.  
This new Rex Ray looks right at home.  Kudos!

4 October 2010

Hung Liu Smart Car for the Kemper Museum of Art

e want you to be among the first to know about this special opportunity!  Win a
one-of-a-kind smart car Passion Coupe, customized by acclaimed artist Hung Liu. It's original art on wheels! Imagine yourself zipping around town, or across the country, in your own masterpiece that will not be duplicated. The artist's design for this car has been made exclusively for ONE lucky winner--maybe you! Raffle tickets: $100 each - or - 6 for $500. Buy your tickets online at www.kemperart.org. This raffle event is part of the Kemper Museum's annual gala, called Artists in Residences. All raffle proceeds will benefit the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Raffle tickets are 100% tax deductible. Winner is responsible for taxes, licensing, and all car ownership expenses. A limited number of tickets will be sold. The winner will be announced at the Museum's cocktail reception Friday, October 8. Winner need not be present to win, but if you'd like to attend drawing, you must have tickets to Friday's event (Tickets start at $90). See all rules and details that apply to this offer on the Museum's website www.kemperart.org. About the artist: Born in China in 1948 and now based in Oakland, California, Hung Liu grew up during the Cultural Revolution. In her works, old photographs mingle with traditional Chinese symbols beneath tactile washes and drips. Liu's works are in many collections around the world, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Gallery of Art, and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.
15 September 2010

Wanxin Zhang: A Ten Year Survey at the Boise Museum of Art

Hot on the heels of his survey show at the Arizona State Art 
Museum and their tops in the field Ceramics Research Center, 
Wanxin Zhang has another museum show at BAM.  The exhibition 
runs from 22 May through 19 September 2010.  Congratulations 
on the interest from the museum world!

10 September 2010

Rupert Garcia on the cover of ARTnews

Kudos to Rupert Garcia for earning the cover of the September 2010 ARTnews.
In a superb article on the theme of contemporary art and the issue of cultural
identity, writer Carolina A. Miranda talks to some of the most interesting 
artists working in the Chicano context.  Included, of course, is Rupert Garcia, 
a longtime presence in the San Francisco Bay Area art scene.  Also mentioned
is Rupert's upcoming solo exhibition at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.
"Rupert Garcia: The Magnolia Editions Projects" opens 26 February 2011.  Props
to Turner Carroll Gallery friends and associates Magnolia Editions for their part 
in this project.
30 August 2010

Squeak Carnwath Opening on Friday, 13 August 2010

We opened a beautiful exhibition with new work from Squeak Carnwath
on 13 August 2010.  A collection of mostly large-scale works, this body 
of work instroduces a new character in Squeak's symbolic language: the
candelabra.  We like the idea of time burning with a finite end inevitable.
So does the press.  We received nice coverage of the show, including 
bits in the Albuquerque Journal, ArtSlant, and in Visual Art Source.

20 August 2010

Rex Ray at Site Santa Fe: Artist's Talk

Turner Carroll Gallery is proud to sponsor a private view of the SITE Santa Fe Biennial 
from 5:30 to 6 pm July 8, 2010. Then, at 6 pm, innovative West Coast contemporary 
artist Rex Ray will deliver a multi-screen video presentation about his mixed media 
collage-contructed paintings. In conjunction with this event, Turner Carroll Gallery 
will host a solo exhibition of Rex Ray's new works at Turner Carroll Gallery, 
725 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico, the following evening from 5 to 7pm.
7 July 2010

Fundraiser and Art Camp for Kids at the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort

Turner Carroll Gallery through its Mexico program, ArteMita, is proud 
to partner with the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort to support the Costa 
Verde International School (CVIS) in Sayulita, a privately founded 
school and the first to be 100% “green.”  An auction of work by Diego 
and Sofia Martinez-Negrete and an art camp for kids are but two of 
the activities. Dates are 1 to 5 July, 2010, and again from 22 to 26 July 
2010.  One hundred percent of proceeds from the auction will be donated 
to the CVIS to support scholarships. www.colegiocostaverde.com. For more
information or to make reservations go to www.stregisaficionado.com 
or email at carolina.monsalvo@stregis.com using rate code SRALA2.

20 May 2010

Turner Carroll Gallery at Art Chicago 2010

We recently wrapped up our effort at Art Chicago 2010.
It was a great show, as Chicago always is.  We were able 
to see lots of our friends there (see photo from Moto at left).
The gallery did well, finding buyers for multiple Hung Liu and 
Deborah Oropallo works.  Work by Wanxin Zhang and 
Eric Zener also found homes.
10 May 2010

We are just back from Punta Mita after a series of amazing events.
On 11 March we opened an exhibition by Abel Galvan at the Four 
Seasons Cultural Center.  We showed Abel years ago, and it was
great to work with him again.  17 March saw an opening at the St. Regis 
Cultural Center for Perla Krauze, one of Mexico's most important 
conceptual artists.  And then on 18 March we hosted an architect talk 
at the amazing Casa Mataiza with its creator Alejandro Quintanilla.

27 March 2010

Turner Carroll Gallery at Dallas Art Fair 2010

Please join us the the Fashion Industry Gallery
in Dallas for the second Dallas Art Fair.  Come to
the revitalized downtown arts ditrict to see us and 
50 other top-tier galleries at this hot boutique fair.
DAF runs February 5-7, 2010, with an opening 
benefit gala on February 4.
1 February 2010

This month we say a sad goodbye to Daniel Boatsman.
A new father--yeah!!--Daniel is moving back to Spokane, 
Washington to raise his son, and be closer to his family.

28 December 2009

Turner Carroll Gallery at Art Miami 2009

We recently wrapped up Art Miami 2009.  The fair itself 
was the best we have ever seen or been in.  It was 
great to see our art world friends, collectors and dealers.  
We placed over a dozen works in private collections over
the course of that one week.  We are all a bit exhausted,
but looking forward to 2010!
16 December 2009

ArteMita Events in Punta Mita

At the end of November we curated and opened two shows 
in Punta Mita. The first was at the Four Seasons Punta Mita 
with artists Esau Andrade and Diego Martinez-Negrete. We
then opened at the St. Regis Punta Mita with a book-signing 
by Esau Andrade, large-scale sculpture by Diego Martinez-Negrete, 
and work by Esau's brother, Raymundo Andrade.  Both shows
will be up for the next month.  Our next big exhibition in Mexico 
is our annual ArteMita survey in March 2010.  www.artemita.com

30 November 2009


David Linn at BYU Museum
David's painting "And Then I Looked" is a part of a 
major exhibition at the BYU Museum.  Images of the 
work are being used for the branding of the exhibition 
on banners, as well as all printed material.  Kudos to 
David!  The exhibition runs through 13 March 2010.
16 November 2009

Rex Ray at Turner Carroll Gallery and SITE Santa Fe

Come see this Bay Area art luminary speak at SITE 
Santa Fe.  His talk is Thursday, 12 November at 6pm.  
SITE Santa Fe is located at 1606 Paseo de Paralta in 
Santa Fe.  Opening reception for the artist in conjunction 
with his solo show at Turner Carroll Gallery is Friday, 
13 November from 5 to 7pm.  This very handsome 
exhibition runs through 5 October 2009.

4 October 2009


David Linn at Turner Carroll Gallery
As a part of the Historic Canyon Road Festival and Paint Out, 
David will speak about his life's work.  A consummate artist, 
David’s brushwork varies from stone to stone, from fabric to 
flesh, from terrestrial to celestial.  Come see the artist and his 
work before it moves on to a museum tour.  1pm at Turner 
Carroll Gallery, Saturday, October 17, 2009.  David's solo 
exhibition runs through November 6, 2009.
16 October 2009

Igor Melnikov at Turner Carroll Gallery

We are very pleased to open an exhibition of new work 
by Igor Melnikov.  His work grafts the roots of the known 
(paintings of fields, children, the work of Andrew Wyeth) 
to the flowers and fruit of sensitivity and the unkown.
Sometimes words work to describe painting, but in this 
case you have to see the work for yourself to understand.
The exhibition runs through 5 October 2009.

15 September 2009


Hung Liu at Turner Carroll Gallery
Don't miss this solo exhibition by one of the great American 
contemporary artists.  High concept, but also very handsome, 
these works form a dialogue about power, the photographic 
perspective, the male gaze, and a history simultaneously in 
the past yet coming back around.  The exhibition continues 
through 8 September 2009.

19 August 2009

Squeak Carnwath at Turner Carroll Gallery

On Thursday, 16 July we hosted an artist talk with Squeak and
Laura Addison of the New Mexico Museum of Fine Art at the
Santa Fe Art Institute.  The conversation covered a brilliant array 
of subjects from the color blue, to the LP as metaphor for life. The
next night we opened Squeak's solo, Spare Change, at the gallery.
It is a fabulous and focused look at the topics we hit at the talk.
The exhibition runs through 9 August 2009.

18 July 2009


Deborah Oropallo at Turner Carroll Gallery
We are really proud of Deborah's new solo show here at the gallery 
Wild, Wild, West Show.  She got a great review by Ellen Berkovitch 
in adobeairstream.com, who asked how an image can double or 
triple when the human figure has been removed.  After Deborah's 
talk at the Santa Fe Art Institute, we all went over to the Rodeo 
de Santa Fe for an evening of impeccable timing, and thrills and 
spills.  The exhibition continues through 12 July 2009.

26 June 2009

Turner Carroll Gallery at Art Chicago 2009

We just returned from a fabulous and successful Art Chicago 2009.
The focal point was our Chuck Close "Self Portrait / Color," which 
we talked about ad infinitum.  Chicago has always been good to us, 
and this year was no exception.  Multiple works by Conrad Kern, 
Deborah Oropallo, Hung Liu, Eric Zener and Wanxin Zhang all 
found collectors, with more placements to come!

12 May 2009


Squeak Carnwath at the Oakland Museum of California
On 25 April 2009 Squeak Carnwath: Painting is No Ordinary Object
opened at the Oakland Museum of California.  A spectacular exhibition,
the show features over 40 works by Squeak from the past 15 years.
The exhibition’s companion book, Painting Is No Ordinary Object, 
is a 160-page retrospective of Carnwath’s career.  It features more 
than 80 color reproductions and essays by Karen Tsujimoto and 
art critic and poet John Yau (co-published by Pomegranate, 2009).  
The exhibition continues through 23 August 2009.

27 April 2009

Hung Liu and Enrique Chagoya at MCA Denver

This March the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver 
opened the exhibition Shark's Ink, a survey of Bud Shark's 
30 plus year career as a printmaker and cultural force. 
Included in the exhibition are works by Turner Carroll 
Gallery artists Hung Liu and Enrique Chagoya.  
The exhibition runs through 28 June 2009.

27 March 2009


ArteMita / Turner Carroll Gallery event at Ayia in Punta Mita
Turner Carroll Gallery recently wrapped up a fabulous exhibition 
in Mexico at the Punta Mita resort.  Under its ArteMita wing, 
the gallery curated an exciting exhibition of Mexican painters 
and sculptors exclusively for collectors in that area. As a result 
of this exhibition, ArteMita will deepen its commitment to Mexico 
and Punta Mita by providing regular arts events for the area
including the new St. Regis Punta Mita.  If you are travelling 
to Puerto Vallarta / Punta Mita area, let us know.  We have a 
showroom at the Ayia Punta Mita development, and we are happy 
to give you a private tour!  Call Tonya at +1-505-670-7705.

25 March 2009

David Simon at the Long Beach Museum of Art

On 30 March 2009 the Long Beach Museum of Art will open 
a solo show of Turner Carroll Gallery sculptor David Simon.
The exhibition, "Dark Forest," features a collection of works 
suggested by the contemporary opera The Black Rider: 
The Casting of the Magic Bullets, written by William Burroughs
with music by Tom Waits. The Black Rider tells the tragic story
of a young man's downfall after bargaining with the devil in 
pursuit of love. The exhibition runs through 31 May 2009.

2 March 2009


Scherer & Ouporov "Tree of Life" being donated 
to the Coral Springs Museum of Art
"Tree of Life," a work by Turner Carroll Gallery artists 
Suzanne Scherer and Pavel Ouporov was recently acquired 
by the Coral Springs Museum of Art in Coral Springs, Florida. 
The work, a gift from a collector in Indiana, is a multi-panel 
wall installation featuring round egg tempera panels of 
meaningful people from the life of Suzanne and Pavel, and
features the portraits hanging--fruit-like--from a golden tree.

27 February 2009

Hung Liu in Achitectural Digest

A piece by Hung Liu was included in the coverage 
of a beautiful home in Chicago in the February 2009 
American Edition of Architectural Digest.  It's one 
thing to see artwork in a gallery, and quite another 
in its best context--one's home.

10 February 2009


Scherer & Ouporov at Lee Wagener Gallery at
Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
Turner Carroll Gallery artists Suzanne Scherer and Pavel Ouporov 
have placed an original video work as a permanent installation in 
the Lee Wagener Gallery at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International 
Airport.  The piece, Tree-Rain, is a part of series of recent works 
based on the massive Birch State Park banyan tree in Ft. Lauderdale.  
"As a bilingual (American and Russian) couple, we often search for 
connections and common roots of out two diverse languages," 
say the artists.  Tree-Rain was inspired by the Russian Symbolist 
poet, Andrei Bely's 1922 poem Glossolalia.  Through a study of 
linguistics and a theory of the universe's origins based on sound, 
the work is structured on the repetition of roots, words, and 
sounds in many different languages.  Latin and Cyrillic letters 
rain down, as moving text, forming words in English: mama, 
home, womb; in Russian: dom (home); in Hebrew: yom (day).

24 December 2008

Hung Liu review in ARTnews Magazine

Hung Liu's brilliant solo exhibition with us this summer 
is reviewed in the December 2008 ARTnews.  The reviewer
lauded the exhibition thusly "In more complex paintings,
Liu practices a sort of magic realism.  The artist seems to 
be imagining personal histories, excavating forgotten tales 
so as to present narratives from different eras in a single work."
We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

23 December 2008


Deborah Oropallo in Art & Antiques Magazine
Deborah received some great coverage in the December 2008 
Art & Antiques magazine.  Her work is featured on several pages
in an article about a stunning Northewrn California modern home.
One particular installation has three of Deborah's pieces
hanging against a purpose-built wall looking incredible.

17 December 2008

Sergio Garvál at MOLAA Auction 2008

Sergio Garvál was recently honored with inclusion in the 
Museum of Latin American Art Auction 2008.  Artists
under the hammer uncluded luminaries Francisco Zúñiga, 
David Alfaro Siquieros, Roberto Sebastián Matta, Rufino
Tamayo, and more.  Sergio's work also find a buyer.

30 October 2008


Squeak Carnwath at Turner Carroll Gallery
We are very excited to announce our representation 
of Squeak Carnwath.  We at the gallery have admired 
her work for years, and are very pleased to be able to
show her here in Santa Fe.  Squeak is in the permanent 
collections of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yale University Art Gallery, 
Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and many more.  Squeak
also had a great mention in Seth Apter's blog.

30 October 2008

Hung Liu, Uli Sigg and Ai Weiwei at Mills College

Hung Liu recently interviewed both Uli Sigg and
Ai Weiwei at an event at Mills College in Oakland.
The Sigg collection is considered the most important
collection of contemporary Chinese art in the world.
Portions of his collection are in a fabulous exhibition
at the Berkeley Museum of Art in California.
Ai Weiwei is one of the most important Chinese
contemporary artists, and the designer of the
Olympic "bird nest" stadium in Beijing.

9 October 2008



Thomas Ostenberg exhibition in London
Thomas Ostenberg just wrapped up a successful
exhibition in London.  He is one of only a few
non-British artists to be selected to have his work
cast and placed throughout London in honor of
the 2012 Olympics there.

9 October 2008

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